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"Cure yourself with the warmth of the sun and the rays of the moon, the sound of the river and the waterfall.

Ground yourself with the swaying of the trees, the rolling of the tide, the smell of the earth and the song of the birds.

Heal yourself with chamomile and mint, with coconut oil and Aloe Vera. Sweeten yourself with lavender, rose and orange blossom.

Hug yourself with cocoa bean and cinnamon, meditate with incense and crystals.

Put love in your tea, not sugar, and drink it looking at the stars.

Treat yourself with honey from the bees, immerse yourself with hugs and kisses from the rain and wind.

Get strong with bare feet on the ground and with everything that is born from Mother Earth.

Open your heart to all animals and the natural beauty of the world.

Get wiser every day by listening to your intuition, looking at the world with your third eye, give thanks, give love, dance, sing, so that you may live happier.

Heal yourself with the love of the Universe and always remember - YOU are the medicine."

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